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In this section, you will need to select YES or NO to all answers, apart from 4.2 where you will have the option of uploading a copy of your Club Safeguarding policy.

To upload a cop of this policy you need to click on the Red paper icon highlighted.

In the pop-up box that appears, you then need to change the document type to Supporting document instead of Generated by COMET.

You then need to click the Choose button and upload your Clubs Policy by double clicking on it wherever it is saved on your device.

section 5 - club contact information

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What is a staff role on COMET?

A Staff role on COMET is simply a role that is undertaken for the entire club, as opposed to a Coach role which is for a specific team within a club.

It is used primarily as part of the FAW Club Licensing programme at Tiers 1 and 2 and also forms part of the FAW Club Accreditation programme.

The full list of roles are:

  • Academy Administrator
  • Chartered Physiotherapist
  • Coaching Co-ordinator
  • Doctor
  • Finance officer
  • Footie Huddle Co-ordinator
  • General manager
  • Goalkeeper Coach
  • Head of Coaching
  • Head of Youth
  • Kit and equipment manager
  • Media Officer
  • Medical Officer; Safeguarding Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Sports Therapist
  • Covid-19 Compliance Officer

For any clubs not applying to achieve the FAW Tier 1 or 2 Male or female criteria, then the only roles that would be relevant in this section may be related to the FAW Club Accreditation programme that all junior clubs must undertake each season.

The roles that relate specifically to this are Coaching Co-ordinator, Footie Huddle Co- ordinator and Safeguarding Officer.

Find or create the Staff member

When you log into COMET, click on Coaches and Staff on the menu on the left- hand side to open the drop-down menu.

Then select Search Club Staff.

Input the person's details to try and find them on the System

If the person has never registered for your club before, then once on the Search club staff page, you will firstly need to remove the organisation and your club name from the Organisation and club boxes highlighted.

By leaving these boxes blank it is now allowing you to search the entire database.

However, you can only find people that are new to your club if you have one of their following details:

1. Their COMET ID number
2. Their Surname AND date of birth
3. Their 6 digit number from the previous FAW registration system.

Once you have input one of these into any of the relevant boxes highlighted, click Search.

If you get the above screenshot saying no data found, then you can proceed to create a new record on COMET.

To do this you just need to click the New club staff button highlighted.

If the person does have a record that appears in the search results box, simply click on their name to proceed to the person's registration page.

Registering a new person

If creating a new record, you now need to fill in all mandatory fields highlighted in red, which includes a photo of the person and also input their address in the contacts tab highlighted.

Selecting/updating the photo

To upload a photo, you can click the Choose button to select a photo if it is saved on your PC/Laptop device.

Alternatively if with the person you can click on the camera icon to take a photo with your device if it has has a webcam/camera.

Once taken or uploaded, you must always crop the photo by using the scissors icon.

This will ensure the photo sits correctly on the registration form and any team sheets the person may be added to and will avoid any risk of the form being rejected by the FAW when submitted for approval.

Filling in/updating the address

To fill in the address you need to click on the Contacts tab and then input the postcode into the postcode box.

Once you have done this you simply click on the magnifying glass next to the postcode box.

Once you have clicked the magnifying glass, it will bring up all addresses linked to the postcode and you simply click on the correct address.

It will then populate the address box fully and correctly. All mandatory fields should now have been filled in.

Fill in the Person's role and Click on Save

After filling in the mandatory fields you would then need to select the role details of the person on the Active registrations tab in the Registration type box and then click Save.

This will begin the registration process and the registration request will move to the first stage - ENTERED.

Registering an existing person

If the person already has a record on COMET from a previous registration, you need to make sure that all of the mandatory fields are still correct and up to date.

The email and home address can be found in the contacts tab, and the photo can be edited in the box highlighted below the FAW logo next to the person's information.

If you do need to update any of the information you can click the Edit button highlighted to update as required.

Then click on New registration (club) to begin the registration process.

Input the role details and Click on Save

After clicking New registration, you would need to select the Staff role you wish to register the person to in the Registration type box and then click the Save button shown.

This will begin the registration process and the request will move to the first stage - ENTERED.

Adding Coaching Qualifications

Once at stage ENTERED, you now need to ensure all of the staff member's qualifications are added and are up to date.

You do this in the Additional info tab.

If you need to add/update any coaching qualifications, you firstly need to change the View As box in the top left of the COMET screen to Coach to be able to edit the Coaching qualifications in the Titles section.

This would be for the following Staff roles:

Coaching Co-ordinator
Goalkeeper Coach
Head of Coaching
Head of Youth.

Adding coaching qualifications

Once you have changed the selected view to View as Coach (1), you can now add coaching qualifications. To add any additional coaching qualifications, click on the plus icon (2) in the Titles section and then select the qualification and also input the dates of the qualification (3).

Then click Save.

If the qualification has been obtained outside of Wales you will need to upload proof of this qualification by clicking the Choose Button highlighted and then selecting the proof document from your device.

If you are not sure about the exact dates of an FAW qualification, these can be found on the certificate issued to the coach that they can access through their FAW Coach Education account.

Adding non-Coaching Qualifications

For all other non-coaching Staff roles where proof of a qualification may be required, E.G. a medical qualification, you would need to upload this proof in the documents section of that person's registration request.

To do this you need to click the Documents button highlighted (1), and in the pop-up box that appears, click the Plus button in the Other section (2).

Then select the relevant proof document you should have saved on your device to upload onto COMET by clicking the Choose button (3) and then double-clicking on the file, or dragging a file into the box.

Many of these roles will only be specific to Tier 1 and 2 clubs in Wales undertaking the FAW Licensing applications.

For the Club Accreditation programme, the only non-coaching staff role you would need to add is the Club Safeguarding Officer and possibly the Footie Huddle-Co-ordinator if your club is participating in the FAW's Huddle scheme.

FAW staff would then add any dates or qualification records within the Safeguarding and Licenses section on the person's additional info page.

The FAW will input all DBS and Safeguarding Award information

All DBS checks and FAW Safeguarding award's are put on to the COMET system by the FAW Safeguarding team so you do not need to add these, but please contact the Safeguarding team if you think anything may be missing.

If a check has been completed with your club via the FAW online DBS system, the Safeguarding team will add this automatically onto COMET.

If a paper DBS application has been submitted, then the coach must send their original green DBS certificate into the Safeguarding team once received, in order for the FAW to complete the process and allow the Safeguarding team to upload the information on to COMET.

Only the Club Safeguarding Officer will be able to see an individuals DBS information on COMET, for all other user roles (other than Club Manager) the DBS will not show.

Once you have added any relevant qualifications, you then need to return to the Active registrations page in order to submit the request to the FAW for approval.

Submitting the registration request

When the registration is at stage ENTERED, it means that you have begun the process and now need to submit the registration request to the FAW.

At this point the person will have received an email containing the form which they can sign digitally to return to you via email.

Please see our user guide on video on how this can be done.

Alternatively they can also print this out to sign and then scan this back via email, or take a photo of the printed and signed form to return to you via mobile or email.

You can also click the Options button and then the Generate registration form button to get a copy of this form if you needed to print or send via email yourself.

To proceed with the registration you then need to click the Documents button highlighted to upload a copy of this signed form onto COMET.

Uploading the signed form

Once you have clicked the Documents button (1), you should be taken onto a pop-up box where you will need to click the Plus button in the Registration form section, as highlighted (2).

Then drag a file into the box or click the Choose button (3) and this will take you onto your Laptop/PC device where you need to go to where the signed form is saved and then double-click on the form to upload it onto COMET.

The form is now uploaded onto COMET

Once you have double-clicked on the document it should immediately appear in the documents box within the Registration form section.

You have now uploaded this document for the FAW to review.

You now need to exit the documents pop-up box by clicking on the cross in the top right hand corner, and now proceed to submit the request on the Active registrations tab.

Now click on Edit

Edit is the button used to carry out actions on a registration request, so click this to proceed.


Once you have clicked Edit, you will need to click the Save as button. You will then either be able to Cancel the request by clicking the Save as CANCELLED button, or proceed to submit to the FAW by clicking the Save as SUBMITTED button.

Confirm the submission in the pop-up box

Once you have clicked Save as SUBMITTED, a pop-up box will appear.
To confirm the submission, just click the Yes button within the pop-up box.

The registration has now been submitted to the FAW for approval

t this point you have done everything you need to.

The FAW will review and check any qualifications submitted, as well as the DBS status for the roles that require it.

If the required qualifications are in place, the application will then be moved to the status PENDING for all roles that require a DBS check, in order for the Safeguarding Team to review the DBS status.

If a DBS is in place and for all other roles, the status will then move to CONFIRMED if all requirements are in place.

The person will immediately receive a confirmation email containing their registration card and a copy of their personal accident insurance cover when this happens.

If the request is rejected for any reason, it will be returned to the club by the FAW by moving the request back to status ENTERED on COMET.

When this happens, those with the Club Manager, Club Manager (Junior) and Administrator of Staff user role for the club will receive an email notifying them of this rejection, along with a reason for the rejection, E.G. please upload proof of qualification.

The club would then need to action this on COMET and re-submit in exactly the same way once the relevant proof has been uploaded.

You don't need to get a new form, you just need to ensure any required documents are correctly showing.

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10 November 2022

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