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In this section, you will need to select YES or NO to all answers, apart from 4.2 where you will have the option of uploading a copy of your Club Safeguarding policy.

To upload a cop of this policy you need to click on the Red paper icon highlighted.

In the pop-up box that appears, you then need to change the document type to Supporting document instead of Generated by COMET.

You then need to click the Choose button and upload your Clubs Policy by double clicking on it wherever it is saved on your device.

section 5 - club contact information

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Welcome to the League and Area Association Officials' registrations guide for the FAW COMET System. 

This guide will provide you with a detailed understanding on how to register your Officials on the COMET System. 

An Official is someone who performs an administrative role within your organisation e.g. Secretary, Treasurer, Chairperson, Committee member. 

You are able to self-register all of your Officials on COMET and the process moves immediately from ENTERED to CONFIRMED

For the Safeguarding Officer role, you will need to contact the FAW Safeguarding Team as this role requires minimum qualifications and a valid DBS check. 

How can you register your Officials on COMET? 

Your designated League or Area Association COMET Champion needs to be set up on COMET with the Administrator of Officials user role. 

If your league has not already done so, please contact the COMET team at cometcomp@faw.co.uk in order to confirm who this individual will be for your Organisation. 


Registering an Official on COMET for the first time

If you have not registered a person for your Organisation on COMET previously, once logged in, go onto Organisations and then Click Search Officials

Searching for Officials if not previously registered with you on COMET 

Once on the Search officials page, you will firstly need to remove your Organisation name from the Organisation box highlighted

By leaving this box blank it is now allowing you to search the entire database. 

However, you can only find people that are new to your organisation on COMET if you have one of their following details: 

  1. Their COMET ID number
  2. Their Surname AND date of birth
  3. Their 6 digit number from the previous FAW registration system.

Once you have input one of these into any of the relevant boxes highlighted, just click Search

Click on the Person

If you get the above screenshot saying no data found, then you can proceed to create a new record on COMET. 

To do this you need to click the New official button highlighted (1). 

If the person does have a record that appears in the search results box, simply click on their name to proceed to the person's registration page (2). 

PLEASE NOTE: If the person has a COMET ID or you are sure they would have a record on the system, please contact the COMET team first so they can assist in checking and starting the registration process for you to register that person to your organisation. 

A new record should only be created if you are sure the person is not already on COMET. 

If person has a record - check the Mandatory fields 

Once on the relevant person's page, you now need to check that all of the mandatory fields are still correct and up to date. 

This also includes the photo of the person and their home address and email address located within the contacts tab

If you need to update any fields, click on the Edit button, make your changes, and then click Save

Once you are happy all of the information is up to date, click on the New Registration (Organisation) button. 

If creating a new record – fill in the Mandatory fields 

Once on the new official page, you now need to fill in all of the mandatory fields in red. 

Mandatory fields also includes the photo of the person and their home address located within the contacts tab

Once you are happy all of the information is up to date, you now need to input the Organisation and Registration type and then click Save

Selecting your Organisation 

To input your Organisation, you can either start typing the name as shown above, or you can click on the magnifying glass and type your organisation name into the name box to find and select it. 

Selecting the person's role 

To select the person’s role, select from the Registration type dropdown box. 

In this example we are registering a Committee Member. 

Once you are happy all of the information is up to date and you have input the Organisation and Registration type, click Save

This will move the registration to the first stage – ENTERED

Getting the Registration Form signed 

When the registration is at stage ENTERED, it means that you have begun the process and now need to complete the registration. 

At this point the person will have received an email containing the form which they can sign digitally to return to you via email. 

Please see our user guide on video on how this can be done. 

Alternatively, they can also print this out to sign and then scan this back via email, or take a photo of the printed and signed form to return to you via mobile or email. 

You can also click the Options, then the Generate registration form button to get a copy of this form if you needed to print or send via email yourself. 

To proceed with the registration, you need to click the Documents button highlighted to upload a copy of this signed form onto COMET. 

Uploading the signed form 

Once you have clicked the Documents button, you should be taken onto a pop-up box where you will need to click on the Plus Icon next to the Registration form title.  

Then click the Choose button and this will take you onto your Laptop/PC device where you need to go to where the signed form is saved and then double-click on the form to upload it onto COMET. 

The form is now uploaded onto COMET 

Once you have double-clicked on the document it should immediately appear in the documents box within the Registration form section. 

You have now uploaded this document so you can now proceed. 

You now need to exit the documents pop-up box by clicking on the white cross in the top right hand corner, and now proceed to complete the registration on the Active registrations tab. 

Completing the registration 

Once back on the Active registrations tab, now click on Edit

Edit is the button used to carry out actions on a registration request, so click this to proceed. 

Click Confirm 

Once you have clicked Edit, you will either be able to Cancel the request by clicking the CANCEL button, or proceed to confirm the registration by clicking the Save as button and then the Save as CONFIRMED button

Confirm the registration in the pop-up box 

Once you have clicked CONFIRM, a pop-up box will appear. 

To confirm the registration, just click the Yes button in the pop-up box. 

The registration has now been completed

At this point you have done everything you need to and the person is now registered. 

The application has moved to the status CONFIRMED and the person will immediately receive a confirmation email containing their registration card and a copy of their personal accident insurance cover when this happens. 

First Published

18 June 2020

Last Updated

20 December 2022

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