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In this section, you will need to select YES or NO to all answers, apart from 4.2 where you will have the option of uploading a copy of your Club Safeguarding policy.

To upload a cop of this policy you need to click on the Red paper icon highlighted.

In the pop-up box that appears, you then need to change the document type to Supporting document instead of Generated by COMET.

You then need to click the Choose button and upload your Clubs Policy by double clicking on it wherever it is saved on your device.

section 5 - club contact information

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Gaining the correct user roles to access affiliation applications

To be able to send out and review affiliation applications via COMET, you must firstly ensure the responsible people in your organisation have the relevant user roles on COMET.

If you can please let the FAW know who these people are by emailing cometsupport@faw.co.uk, or by logging a help ticket in COMET - the FAW can set up a main user and also secondary users to assist if required.

The main user role is called Club Licensing Manager, and this person will be repsonsible for sending out the applications and their name will appear at the top of the applications.

The secondary role is then called Club Licensing Expert. These individuals can then add themselves to applications to review them, once an application has been sent out.

Sending out Affiliation applications

At the beginning of every season it is a requirement that all Clubs must affiliate to the FAW or relevant Area Association via COMET.

To begin this process, your organisation must firstly send out the applications to clubs via COMET, to enable them to complete the affiliation process.

You do this by going into the Club Licensing section and then clicking on New Application.

sending the application

Once you have clicked New application, you will then be on the application details page. You simply need to fill in a few details and then click Create. This will then open an application for the club, and the relevant club users will get an email notifying them that you have opened this application.

Please see the picture above with the numbers next to each field. The details you will need to select are:

1. The application type - you will need to select your relevant League/Area Affiliation application type from the list available.

2. Club - You can start typing the name of the club and it will start narrowing down the results, or you can click the magnifying glass next to the club box and then in the pop up box that appears, start typing the club name and it will narrow down the results to that club. Then just click on that club and it will select them.

3. Licensing Manager - Click the downward arrow next to the box and it will show a list of all organisation personnel on the system. Find your name and then click on this to select yourself as the main person.

Any other personnel you have requested to add will be able to see any applications linked to your application type, but the main user will be the only person listed here.

4. Stadium - This question is only needed as this module is also used for our Official UEFA Club Licensing programme for Tier 1 Clubs. Therefore for this question we have created 6 generic stadiums (e.g. CWFA Stadium/GCFA Stadium etc) and would ask you select the relevant area stadium where your organisation is based.

5. Due date - Here you can input the deadline you want this application completed by. Please note the system will allow submissions after this date for flexibility if there are cases of late submission, but as an organisation you will be able to see when any have been submitted and able to follow your own rules accordingly for any late submissions.

6. Create - Once all fields are filled in, click Create and the application will immediately be available for clubs to action in their Licensing section, and you will also be able to view this in your own licensing dashboard. As mentioned above, an email will also have been sent to the club to notify them it is now open. 

the way the process works on comet

All applications will go through the following process and have one of the following statuses throughout the process:

ENTERED - the application is with the club to fill in, nothing has been submitted

IN PROGRESS - the club have started the process and have submitted an application for review

SUBMITTED - you have reviewd the application and confirmed it, so you now need to confirm the overall affiliation for the season.

You can do this right away if you are happy the application is confirmed, or if your organisation needs to formally sign these off, you can wait until this has been ratified before then confirming affiliation for the season. As an example, the UEFA license requires a licensing panel to approve or reject applications, so once an application has been submitted by a club, it still has to go through the panel before any further action is taken to move it from the SUBMITTED status, to either CONFIRMED or REJECTED.

CONFIRMED - you have signed off the affiliation and they are affiliated for the season.

REJECTED - you have rejected the application for the season

APPEALED - the club has appealed against the decision. Upon hearing the appeal it would then circle back to either CONFIRMED or REJECTED.

It will always follow this workflow through these statuses so is very consistent and repetitive to be able to get to grips with.

Monitoring your applications

Once you have sent out applications, if you click on the My applications button within the Club Licensing section, you will be able to see a list of all your applications.

This summary page shows the club and also on the right hand side the current status of each application.

To go into any application you just need to click on it.

You will also notice an excel icon in the top right corner of the section. You can click this at any time and it will provide a summary of this information via an excel workbook so you can see exactly where all clubs are at any given time and know who may be sorted or who may need a reminder to complete the application.


accessing an application

Once on an application, you will be able to see everything the club can see and exactly what they may have entered to date.

You can also input things on the clubs behalf as well by Clicking the Edit button highlighted.

At this point you won't be able to review any questions though. Questions can only be reviewed once an application has been submitted by a club.

The secondary role to the Licensing Manager is called Club Licensing Expert, so after clicking Edit, there will be a box next to the Expert line that will enable any secondary users you have listed to accept the application and start reviewing as well, once the application has been submitted.

You can have multiple experts and each can click on and off and remove each other as required, but only one Expert and the Licensing Manager can be assigned to an application at any one time.


reviewing an application once it has been submitted

Once a club has submitted an application, the Licensing Manager (and if there is a Club Licensing Expert assigned) will receive an email notifying them that the Club has submitted an application and that they can log in to review this.

You can now start reviewing this application by going into it on COMET.

The first thing you need to do when on the application is click Edit to be able to review it.

You will then notice and be able to do the following to review the application. Please see the numbers on the above screenshot.

1. You will notice the overall status of the Affiliation will have moved from ENTERED to IN PROGRESS in the top right.

2. You will notice the application itself will have changed from ENTERED to SUBMITTED.

3. You can click the paper icon to be able to access any reports uploaded to review the information and check you are happy with it.

4. You can leave a comment if there is anything missing or you are not happy with. The club would be able to see this comment moving forwards. This box is really useful as clubs cannot see the Expert Summary box so it can help them know what they need to do if you are rejecting it for any reason.

5. You can now accept a question if happy or leave open if things may be missing. To accept it, move the status to CONFIRMED. 

If the question still needs more work though, keep the status as open. If you move a question to REJECTED, and then return the application to the club, they will be unable to  action that question anymore, so please make sure to leave it at open if intending to return an application to a club to correct and re-submit.

6. To be able to confirm or return an application, you must firstly add some wording in the Expert Summary box highlighted. This is effectively providing the sign off that will let the system know you are ready to proceed to Confirm or Reject citing what needs adding accordingly.


accepting an application with the expert role

To add the Expert role to be able to review questions and leave the required comments in the Expert Summary box, firstly go into the application and click Edit at the top.

Once you have done this, if you look slightly down the page within the Affiliation Application box, next to the Expert line, there will either be a button that says ACCEPT if there is currently no individuals assigned in this expert role from your organisation, or it will show the name of the person from your organisation currently assigned as the Expert if they ahave already clicked to accept it.

As mentioned above, it is very easy to assign and unassign each other in this role on an application, as often as you may need to if you have multiple people from your organisation helping to review applications. 

The 2 images below show the ACCEPT button to add yourself if it is currently vacant, and the second image the Unassign button if you need to remove your colleague to accept and edit at that time. If your collegaue then needed to go back in at a later point they can do exactly the same to unassign you and accept as required, it's very flexible.

confirming the application

Once you have reviewed each question, marking CONFIRMED or leaving Open, and provided some wording in the Expert summary box, you can now either CONFIRM the application if happy, or RETURN the application if something is missing.

If returning an application, the status of the application will return to ENTERED and the club will receive an email telling them it's been returned and that they need to action it.

However, the overall status of the affiliation process for that club at the top will remain at IN PROGRESS. This is because the club are engaged and are working towards completing this.

When the club logs in, they will also be able to see any of your notes and also which questions are CONFIRMED or Open, so it's easy and clear for them to see which questions they need to action.

If all are confirmed though and you have confirmed it, the status of the application in the middle part of the page will move to CONFIRMED, and the overall affiliation status at the top will change to SUBMITTED.

As mentioned when explaining the workflow, this is because at this point for the top tiers or UEFA licensing, the application would now go to an independent panel to consider before then approving or rejecting.

But you can immediately move the overall affiliation from SUBMITTED to CONFIRMED if you are happy or wait if your organisation also needs to formally ratify anything as a committee.

Once the application is confirmed, as with any status changes, the club will get an email telling them it has been confirmed.

The affiliation process is now complete, and the only thing left to do is add this affiliation to the clubs page.

adding a confirmed affiliation to a clubs page 

As stated in the title of this section, only the FAW and Area Association staff will have the ability to add this confirmation to a clubs page on COMET.

Once you have moved an affiliation status over to confirmed in the Licensing section, you can then confirm this status for the club to see on their club page.

To do this you would go onto the clubs page on COMET, and then to the Additional Info tab.

Once on this page, you need to click the Paper Icon button highlighted by the Club License types box. The pop-up box shown above will then appear where you need to do the following:

1. Select the Licence type as 'Affiliation'

2. Input the date from as the date you granted them affiliation (or if you have a set date for affiliation for the season you can put this as the date), and the date to as 31.05 of that particular season (e.g. 31.05.2022 for the 21/22 season) in line with the end of season dates.

3. In the Licence Level box, type the name of your Area Association or League. This will show that the club is affiliated to your organisation for the season.

Then just click Save and this record will be added to the clubs page.

You have now done everything you need to and the club will be formally affiliated to your organisation for the season.


First Published

25 May 2021

Last Updated

17 May 2022

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