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In this section, you will need to select YES or NO to all answers, apart from 4.2 where you will have the option of uploading a copy of your Club Safeguarding policy.

To upload a cop of this policy you need to click on the Red paper icon highlighted.

In the pop-up box that appears, you then need to change the document type to Supporting document instead of Generated by COMET.

You then need to click the Choose button and upload your Clubs Policy by double clicking on it wherever it is saved on your device.

section 5 - club contact information

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What is Player Eligibility?

Player eligibility allows players to play Youth or Junior football whilst also being registered with a different Adult or Academy team.

Although a player will be eligible to play for the Youth or Junior team for Club B, only the Adult or Academy registration will appear on the player's FIFA Player Passport.

Players who are looking to play for an Adult and Youth or Academy and Junior team with different clubs must register with the most senior team.

This would be the Adult over the Youth or Academy over the Junior team.

The player would then be eligible to play for the Youth or Junior team, but this would not appear on the FIFA Player Passport.

A player with Eligibility can play for the relevant Youth or Junior team ONLY in Club B.

This will be made clear throughout the process and any clubs or players found to be in breach of this will face disciplinary action accordingly.

On COMET the FAW can run reports on all players with Eligibility to see the matches they play in, so can identify any potential breaches at the click of a button.

One final thing to note is that an Eligibility will only be valid until the end of each season.

The player Eligibility Registration form and player Eligibility registration card will be orange instead of red to further highlight the difference in registration type.

It will be strictly controlled to ensure a player with Eligibility can only play for a specific Youth or Junior team for Club B whilst also being registered with a different Adult or Academy team.


Find the Player on COMET

As the player is not currently registered for your club you need to find them on COMET.

To do this you would click on the Search Players button highlighted.

If the player has at some point been previously registered with your club you simply need to click the Search button and a full list of all players ever registered with your club will appear.

If the player has never registered for your club you need to firstly remove your Club name from the Club box and find them using one of the three required search criteria:

  1. Surname and Date of Birth
  2. FSI Number
  3. COMET ID Number

You must ensure to obtain this information with the relevant consent if searching for a player outside of your club.

Select the Player from the search results

Once you click Search, this will pull up the search results for the player you are looking for on the system.

Simply click on the players name from the list available, as highlighted in this example, in order to proceed.

Click the New Eligibility button

After clicking on the player you will be on their Active Registrations page and you will now see their active registration with their current club.

Because the player is not registered with your club, you will notice you will not be able to view the players contact details at this stage and you will notice the Contacts tab will be shaded.

To begin the Eligibility process you need to click the New eligibility button.

Fill in the notes section to specify the type of Eligibility

You now need to fill in the notes section to specify the type of Eligibility you are requesting.

The system will not let you proceed if you do not fill in the Notes section.

An example of this can be seen in the above screenshot. Once you have done this, click Save.

Follow the standard registration process to complete the Eligibility Request

Once you have clicked Save, it will take you through to this page where the players active registration will show on the right and your eligibility request will be at stage ENTERED on the left.

You will notice the Date to will automatically be set to the end of the season and the registration type will automatically be set as Eligibility.

All eligibility requests will expire at the end of each season.

As you have reached the ENTERED stage the Standard registration process now needs to be followed.

Player or parent/guardian sign and date the Eligibility Form

As you are on the ENTERED stage, the player or parent/guardian would have received an email containing the registration form and the club can also action this via the Generate Registration Form button.

The player or parent/guardian now need to sign and date this form.

Please see how to do this in the introduction section of this guide if you are not sure how to do this.

The Player Eligibility Registration Form

You will notice the registration form for an eligibility request will be in orange to further highlight it is a different type of registration.

Terms of Eligibility

You will also notice the terms on an eligibility form will be different to specify what an eligibility enables a player to do - further highlighting the type of registration and ensuring all players and clubs are clear and responsible for what they are requesting and adhering to.

The screenshot shown above is an example of the type of wording the form will contain to highlight it's specific nature.

Upload the Eligibility Registration Form to COMET

Once the eligibility form has been signed and dated by the player or parent/guardian and the club has a copy of this, they then need to upload this to COMET via the Documents button.

Please follow the same process as seen throughout the guide to do this.

Click Edit to begin the submission process

Once the form has been uploaded, then click Edit to begin the submission process.


Once you have clicked the Edit button, you then need to click on the SUBMIT button.

If you want to go back a step for any reason, click on the small Cancel button with the red circle.

If you want to cancel the entire request at this point for any reason, click the larger CANCEL button with the blue cross, next to the SUBMIT button.

Confirming your submission

By clicking the SUBMIT button on the previous page it will bring up this pop-up box.

You need to click the SUBMIT button once again. You do not need to write anything in the Reason/description box, this is completely optional for your own records or if there's any relevant information you feel you need to add.

The form has now been submitted to the FAW for approval

After confirming your submission, the Status will immediately have changed from ENTERED to SUBMITTED.

This confirms that the club has submitted the request to the FAW for approval.

The request will immediately be sitting in the FAW's dashboard for approval.

The player or parent/guardian will get a confirmation Email

As soon as an eligibility request is confirmed by the FAW, the player or parent/ guardian will receive an email that will contain the following attachments:

  • Their E-Registration Card
  • Their Personal Accident Insurance Cover
  • A copy of the FAW Betting and Integrity guidelines.

The registration card can only be opened on a smartphone or tablet and is very easy to share with people via email and whatsapp.

This image above is an example of the type of information they will receive.

Managing the status of your Player Registrations on COMET

As a club you can also keep a record of all registration requests submitted to the FAW at any time by clicking the My Club button.

To do this you click on the Clubs button and this will expand this folder and you then click on My Club.

On the My Club page, this is where all your player details are visible in real-time.

When the FAW confirms the request, the player or parent/guardian will be notified via email and you will be able to see this change immediately through your My club section.

You can sort this by player status/name/age etc so it is a quick way to check on all of your registered players and those you are looking to register.

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24 July 2020

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24 July 2020

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